Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

“No Man is an Island Entire Of Itself”

(John Donne, 1572 – 1631)

Aluphoenix Srl is deeply aware of the social responsibility of its business activities. Responsibility embracing many areas such as the environment, the law and above all social.

In the social sphere, the promoted activities involve various internal stakeholders, employees and collaborators, as well as external stakeholders such as citizens living in the territory, but not only… In an increasingly connected world, the “other” even if “distant” is finally “very close”.

The social involvement of Aluphoenix Srl is thus also reflected in the continuous support of organizations active at national and international level, in different fields such as: disability, exploitation of children, situations of social distress.

F.A.R.C.E.L.A. Onlus

Among the projects supported by I Bambini delle Fate, Aluphoenix Srl has chosen the autonomy project “I know how to do it alone” of the Association F. A. R. C. E. L. A. Onlus.

The project aims at the social integration of children and young adults with disabilities, involved through the construction of different forms of autonomy: art therapy, basketball, music therapy, swimming, theatre workshop.

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I Bambini delle Fate

I Bambini delle Fate S.p.A. is a social enterprise that since 2005 provides financial support to projects and social inclusion paths managed by local partners for the benefit of families with autism or other disabilities.

I Bambini delle Fate is engaged in creating groups of supporters and in involving entrepreneurs and citizens so that they accompany over time, with continuity and the possibility of programming services, projects of inclusion and autonomy aimed at improving the lives of families living the challenge of autism and disability. It also works to financially support the projects of: associations, foundations, cooperatives and other non-profit organizations.

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Protection4kids is a no profit associations that works at national and international level to help child victim of human trafficking and child pornography.

The priority of Protection4kids is to prevent such phenomena through the wise use of new technologies: thanks to a team of experts who offer highly qualified professional advice, they provide direct assistance both online and on-site, working to reintegrate victims into society.

Protection4kids supports an anti-trafficking structure in girls snatched from human trafficking and the sex market in Nepal and an academy in Gambia to combat trafficking in baby footballers.

Protection4kids is involved in the organisation of numerous humanitarian missions along the Balkan route, during which we intervene in situations of extreme poverty, distress and humanitarian emergencies.


also works to combat gender-based violence and crimes that are perpetuated mainly online (revenge porn, victim blaming, rape culture, slut shaming and hate speech).

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Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

Aluphoenix is associated with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) in the “Production and Processing” category.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit organization that sets and certifies standards in the aluminium industry. ASI brings together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with a commitment to maximize its contribution to a sustainable society.

By working together, ASI aims to collaboratively promote aluminium production, sourcing and responsible management.

ASI’s vision is perfectly in line with that of Aluphoenix, which aims to provide added value to all internal and external stakeholders.

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