Awareness, responsibility and environmental sustainability

The Business Vision of Aluphoenix Srl is based on the principle of environmental sustainability of business activities.
Sustainability, which translates into a high awareness of the environmental impact of its business activities and of the primary and growing interest of civil society towards environmental protection.
The result of this awareness is the continuous search for best practices and the most effective technologies to enable the transformation of non-ferrous metal-based materials.
The desire to manage the impact of its internal processes on the environment has led to the implementation and activation of a company management system for quality certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 14000:2004.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

Aluphoenix has also carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study applied to the main families of aluminium alloys produced at the Riese Pio X plant (TV), which account for two thirds of aluminium consumption in the reference year.
The study was carried out in accordance with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards and is based on a cradle-to-gate approach, considering all environmental impacts from the extraction of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product, ready for distribution to customers.
For information about the LCA study you can write to the account quality1 aluphoenix. com

Reduction of greenhouse gases

Aluphoenix, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development , has decided to analyse and identify within its production chain the most impactful processes for the environment in order to take active action and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Waste production

In relation to the quantity of aluminium alloys produced during 2022, Aluphoenix Srl generated waste equal to 7%, of which only 0. 07% was hazardous waste.

Electricity consumption

Aluphoenix uses electricity from the national grid. By the end of 2023, thanks to the new photovoltaic system, the company will autonomously generate up to 30% of its daily KWh requirement.

Consumption of water resources

Since the construction of the new plant in Riese Pio X (TV), Aluphoenix Srl has decided not to use water in its production process to safeguard this important natural resource.



Aluphoenix Srl is authorized to collect and recover metal waste and its processing in accordance with its Integrated Environmental Authorization.

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Author. Decree CP TV no. 78
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