Latest NewsNew plant Riese Pio X (TV)

New plant Riese Pio X (TV)

Aluphoenix Srl is glad to inform you that, within August 2017, the manufacturing activity has been moved from Galliera Veneta (PD) to Riese Pio X (TV).

The site is provided with an advanced technology, thanks to the forty-year experience in the sector of the shareholders and will allow the company to increase the production five times more than the one reached in 2016.

The implemented technology will enable the company to offer the market a product at the highest level in terms of metallurgical purity: the peculiar aluminium dosing method in forms combined with degassing and filtering system in line, allows to obtain finely degassed ingots free from intracrystalline oxidations and from foam in the free solidification part, without the necessity of moving them mechanically as used by other competitors.

The new plant in Riese Pio X (TV)
uses a technology to minimize the impact on the environment of the company activities and is equipped of computerized data management tools.

The plant is provided with an air pollution filtering and reduction line system of the emissions in atmosphere even if the company hasn’t adopt rotary furnaces and even if it is not required by the BAT 2016 of the industry.

All the components of the plant affecting the process and products parameters and requirements are computerized through the company ERP which allows a real-time and automatic adjustment, in line according to the industry-specific 4.0.