About us

Aluphoenix Srl is an Italian company into the world of aluminium refineries born from the initiative of a pool of promoters with forty years of experience in the production of light alloys and highly trained employees in the aluminium, magnesium and in the melting processes in shell, sand and die casting.

The experience of many years of the staff and the innovativeness of the used facilities, guarantee the production of alloys of high quality and purity with high chemical and physical characteristics for the most difficult and qualified applications. 

Aluphoenix Srl is specialized in the production of alloys Series – EN AB 41. 000, 42. 000, 43. 000, 44. 000, 45. 000, 51. 000 and 71. 000.

The production is managed according to the management system for the quality and environment developed and certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015. All the internal processes are managed and controlled through computerized instruments developed on the basis of the know-how of the promoters using the most modern languages and software applications.

The equipment allow to pre-work the raw material and to purify the alloys produced. The metallurgical quality of Aluphoenix’s aluminium alloys is highly appreciated from the market and credited of high standards. All services are punctual and addressed to the customers’ satisfaction.

Vision, Mission and Company Policy

The Vision and Mission of Aluphoenix Srl focus on the human being both current and future generations.

In this sense, Aluphoenix Srl wants to contribute, through its business activity, to preserve a healthy natural environment, to create a social and political environment of welcome and enhancement of specificity and diversity.

The Company Policy for Quality, Environment and ASI, is linked to these ethical principles / organizational, and sets out in practice its long-term commitments.

Vision and Mission

Policy for Quality, Environment and ASI ®

Vision and Mission

Policy for Quality, Environment and ASI ®

Corporate Sustainability Report 2022

Report Form ASI ®

Organisational Model 231

Aluphoenix Srl has chosen to develop and adopt in its organization, an Organizational Model relating to Leg. Dec. 231/2001 of 8/06/2001.

The Legislative Decree 231 governs the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, even without legal personality, for acts dependent on crimes committed in the interest of the company itself. It therefore establishes a direct responsibility on the undertaking in addition to that of the individuals who committed the act.

The D.Lgs also states in art 6 and 7, that the company is not responsible for such crimes, in terms in which it has effectively implemented “models of organization, management and control, suitable to prevent the realization of the crimes considered”.

In this sense Aluphoenix Srl has defined an Organizational Model in which it has:

Identified the offences applicable to business activity,
Analysed and mapped the risks of specific criminal cases in which the organisation may incur,
Identified appropriate internal and external forms of monitoring and control of these risks,
Implemented specific procedures, able to manage risks, preventing the commission of illegal conduct in areas where the risk of crime is highest,
Considered the Corporate Code of Ethics, as an integral part of the Organisational Model, and the violation of its provisions as a disciplinary offence to be sanctioned.
Identified and appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors, a Supervisory Body (O. d. V) with the task of supervising the functioning, observance and updating of the Organizational Model.

To send reports to the O. d. V. in relation to the company’s activity, with reference to the performance of the work activity, working conditions and safety, respect for human rights, it is possible to fill in the “Reporting Form” and send it to the email account aluphoenix. segnalazioni@studio-231. it, located outside the domain and the company’s control, or send it by mail in a sealed envelope, with the words “personal reserved” and addressed to the Supervisory Body, to the office 231-Contrada S. Cro. 13 CAP 25122 Brescia

The O. d. V. has appointed a member outside the company as responsible for receiving classified electronic alerts, who will be the only one to know the identity of the whistleblower, if the alert is not anonymous, and to be bound by the confidentiality and secrecy of the alert. Without prejudice to reporting obligations to the judicial authority following the alert.

Ethics Code

Reporting Form