About us

Aluphoenix Srl is an Italian company into the world of aluminium refineries born from the initiative of a pool of promoters with forty years of experience in the production of light alloys and highly trained employees in the aluminium, magnesium and in the melting processes in shell, sand and die casting.

The experience of many years of the staff and the innovativeness of the used facilities, guarantee the production of alloys of high quality and purity with high chemical and physical characteristics for the most difficult and qualified applications. 

Aluphoenix Srl is specialized in the production of alloys Series – EN AB 41. 000, 42. 000, 43. 000, 44. 000, 45. 000, 51. 000 and 71. 000.

The production is managed according to the management system for the quality and environment developed and certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015. All the internal processes are managed and controlled through computerized instruments developed on the basis of the know-how of the promoters using the most modern languages and software applications.

The equipment allow to pre-work the raw material and to purify the alloys produced. The metallurgical quality of Aluphoenix’s aluminium alloys is highly appreciated from the market and credited of high standards. All services are punctual and addressed to the customers’ satisfaction.


Aluphoenix’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the end-of-life of industrial non-ferrous metal products.

For this purpose, Aluphoenix implements a process of continuous innovation and improvement in order to identify the best practices, technologies and plants to process these products and reintroduce them into the industrial chain in the form of titled semi-finished products.

Quality and Environmental policy
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